Equity Crowdfunding in Europe

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  1. part 1;
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"Equity crowdfunding in Europe has been touted by many organizations, ours included, as evidence that crowdfunding can work in the U.S. Indeed, platforms like Seedrs and Crowdcube have operated there for several years now. The regulatory picture, however, is not quite so rosy, explain Chris Bates and Peter Chapman of London-based Clifford Chance LLP. While some platforms have managed to comply with relevant regulations, European laws remain quite hostile to equity crowdfunding. Complicating matters is the two-tier system of laws – companies must comply with not only E.U. regulations, but also with their countries’ interpretations of these rules. There is also the ongoing financial crisis, which has taken up the E.U. agenda. We spoke with Chapman and Bates to get a better understanding of how European laws function and what they mean for equity crowdfunding." (http://www.crowdsourcing.org/editorial/a-cloudy-forecast-equity-crowdfunding-in-europe-part-1/20692)