Enspiral Open App Ecosystem

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URL = https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lfy9Q2OdssTMPm-mZ23UVDutfsCYhH_z0qz1bpsOfco/edit#heading=h.yhpzegbitwar


"This document describes some ideas about what we’ve been referring to as the ‘Open App Ecosystem’ and is offered to prompt further discussion on the project.

The key idea is that we build a suite of apps along the lines of my.enspiral, loomio and cobudget which play friendly with each other and support people to organise more effectively together.

Our aim is for the software to act as a delivery mechanism for cultural viruses which decentralise money, information and control and promote happiness, empowerment and wellbeing throughout an organisation. They also have the side effect of helping organisations become more efficient, resilient and adaptable.

The intention is to open source the apps and promote them widely to maximise the impact while building revenue streams to support ecosystem development work. This revenue will be distributed using value network principles."