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  • Energy Co-op of Vermont [1]

Member-owned energy supplier in Vermont.

  • Green Energy Cooperative [2]

Offers practical solutions for bringing top-quality fuel products to market.

  • Horizon Energy Cooperative Microgrid [3]

Aims to deliver renewable energy to Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom.

  • ResCoop - European Energy Cooperatives[4]

"twelve organisations in seven European countries (Belgium, Denmark, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands) having joined our forces in REScoop 20-20-20. Coming from various backgrounds (renewable energy cooperatives, federations of REScoops and coops, local energy agencies, academic partners, and sustainability agencies), we all share a work experience related to renewable energy sources and cooperatives, and a tenacious desire to speed up local and citizen-led renewable energy projects across Europe."

Map of European Energy Coops

More Information

Directory of initiatives maintained by Lisa Gansky's Sharing Directory in the Mesh website: