Electronic Direct Democracy Movements

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"All over the world, non-partisan electronic direct democracy (E2D) parties have been started independently at local, regional and national levels; inspired by the collaborative potential of the Internet to bring true democracy to the political arena, we are fighting to give decisional-making power back to the People." [1]

  1. Aktiv Demokrati, Sweden (national): http://aktivdemokrati.se/
  2. Citizens for Direct Democracy, Belgium (national): http://www.directdemocracy.be
  3. Democratici Diretti, Italy (national): http://www.democraticidiretti.it/
  4. Demoex in Vallentuna, Sweden (local): http://demoex.net/en
  5. Direct Democracy Party, New Zealand (cancelled): http://www.ddp.co.nz
  6. Direkte Demokrati, Denmark (national): http://www.ddid.dk/
  7. Hayeshira, Israel (national): http://hayeshira.org.il/
  8. Online Party of Canada, Canada (national): http://www.onlineparty.ca/
  9. Partido de Internet, Spain (national): http://partidodeinternet.es/
  10. Democratie Directa Romania, Romania (national): http://www.ddr.votdirect.ro
  11. Party of Internet Democracy, Hungary (national): http://ide-ide.hu/
  12. Senator Online, Australia (national): http://senatoronline.org.au/
  13. Svojpolitik.si, Slovenia (national): http://svojpolitik.si/
  14. Démocratie Réelle, France (european elections): http://www.democratiereelle.eu

More Information

  • E2D International; the political international of the electronic direct democracy party movement