Electoral Reform Act of 2015

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Robert Steele:

The Electoral Reform Act of 2015 originated in the Occupy Wall Street Working Group on Electoral Reform in 2011 when Robert Steele integrated their existing concepts with those of many others to arrive at an 11-point electoral reform proposal. Jim Turner created the Electoral Integrity Pledge and suggested the outlines of the Electoral Statement of Demand. It was preceded by the Electoral Reform Act of 2012, an 11-point aggregation of the ideas of many others that was featured at We the People Reform Coalition as created by Robert Steele when he ran briefly for the Reform Party nomination for President in 2012.

A very important influence on the deliberations of those coming together on the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 and hence 2015 were the Election Integrity Principles devised by Gail Work and others including Eva Waskell.


Below are the eight provisions of current Electoral Reform Act of 2015. These are intended as a starting point for a national conversation and an Electoral Reform Summit that issues the Electoral Statement of Demand and requires of each sitting Senator and Representative signature of the Electoral Integrity Pledge

  1. Free & Equal Ballot Access for all qualified candidates – an end to the two-party tyranny.
  2. Tightly-drawn districts ending gerrymandering, plus at large members for selected voting blocs such as our gay and lesbian communities and religious minorities.
  3. Equal public funding for all qualified candidates – we kill CITIZENS UNITED & all donations from any organizations and all foreign countries.
  4. Free & Equal Access to print and broadcast media for all qualified candidates and their Cabinet appointees – to be a candidate in the General Election the candidate must appoint a coalition cabinet and produce a balanced budget.
  5. Debates to include all Independent and small party candidates including candidates from emerging parties not yet accredited nationally such as Working Families. We terminate the two-party debate Commission and restore the League of Women Voters as debate managers.
  6. Paper ballots will be used with those ballots counted publicly and on site – we take both mail and electronic fraud off the table.
  7. End winner take all plurality voting and implement a new voting system agreed upon by the public – Instant Run-Off seems the easiest for everyone to grasp and embrace.
  8. End party-line voting, demand that all legislation be published in advance for national ballot consideration, end all lobbying, implement line-item citizen vetoes as well as Executive vetoes, and schedule an Article V Constitutional Convention for 2018.


A book is available at Amazon Kindle, OPEN POWER: Electoral Reform Act of 2015 - Open Source Activist Tool-Kit. The book is available free in epub or Word Document version on request to Robert Steele.

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