Edupunk Manifesto

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"* Classes are conversations.

  • Relationships are dynamic and dynamic is relational
  • Be hypertextual and multilinear, heterogeneous and heterodox
  • Edupunk is not about what happens in the classroom, it is about the world inside the classroom
  • Live your adventure…create your own road as you walk
  • Be a mediator and not a knowledge “measurer”
  • Rack your brain to create new roles in your class, once you have created them, rack their brains too
  • The roles must be emergent, versatile, invisible
  • Take change on board, it is just a matter of attitude (“it’s”)
  • Think of yourself as part of a collective work
  • Do not act as if you were a TV, implicate the people who surround you
  • Disseminate your message, make the walls around you explode
  • Mix, crib, take ownership, pry, play, transform yourself, take action, deviate
  • To hell with the real/virtual antagonism
  • Education that lacks collaboration is fiction
  • Play a part in your arena, investigate through action
  • Do it yourself…but also, and essentially, do it with other people
  • Act Edupunk, destroy these rules, make your own and then, destroy them as well."