Edelman Peer Trust Barometer

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= who do people trust, and in particular, how much do they trust their peers, 'people like me'

Graphic at http://www.edelmandigital.com/2012/02/21/peer-to-peer-engagement/peer-to-peer-10-yr-trend/


"From its initial base in 2003, trust in peers jumped 20 points or more in 2004 to become one of the most trusted sources of information. It remained relatively stable for the next few years, but felt the affects of the financial crisis in 2009. As Professor Jim Macnamara suggested at an event a few weeks ago in Sydney, the drop in peer trust from 2009 to last year reflects a shift to trust in sources of specialised expertise and authority (like governments) during the crisis.

But events in Europe, Japan and elsewhere over the last 12 months have undermined trust in authority, and driven a return to trust in peers.

Fair enough. We are more connected with our peers than ever before thanks to social technology, and in a world where too many governments have demonstrated their untrustworthiness, it’s natural that we turn to people we know.

The trend of peer trust is once again increasing, and this has tremendous implications for marketers and communicators, especially given the continued growth in adoption of social technologies around the world." (http://www.edelmandigital.com/2012/02/21/peer-to-peer-engagement/)