Ed Felten on the Failed Protection of Digital Content

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20-minute "Silver Bullet" interview with Ed Felten of the blog 'Freedom to Tinker'.

Talk centers on DRM and other attempts to stifle content distribution, "much of it discussing blog-related issues".

URL = http://www.cigital.com/silverbullet/show-005/

Text rendition of the interview at http://www.cigital.com/silverbullet/shows/silverbullet-005-efelten.pdf


"The fifth edition of the Silver Bullet Security Podcast features Ed Felten, Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs at Princeton University and the Director of the Center for Information Technology Policy. Gary and Ed take a look at Ed’s predictions for 2006 and how he’s faring so far and then discuss Ed’s relationship with his former adversaries. They also talk about how to discuss difficult technology issues with lawmakers and the importance of public policy and the law to computer scientists."