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Setting up Programmer Collectives for Alternative Resource Allocation Information Systems

There is a difficulty in expressing what an emergent system looks like. Fourth Order Cybernetics

It may be best to actually enable the use of such tools into the co-creation of an emergent system.

There is a need to develop such tools, such as Netention

The idea is to converge resources for collectives. Collectives which themselves can serve as convergence points

for all developers interested in alternative resource allocation systems to collaborate.

In other words, creating a commons for developing tools that can create a commons.

The idea is to converge a variety of communities which have an interest in supporting such approach, one of which which shares such memes and intentions probably being p2pfoundation.


Our resource allocation system based on credit may collapse due to inequalities, as the market is dependent on consumers, who need access to money to consume, and as access to money, and hence resources, for most of the population is based on income earned either directly, either indirectly through wages, by extracting resources, manufacturing, or selling products and services onto the market.

As automation requires less workers, and as property is more and more concentrated, a majority of the population is likely to end up without income or access to resources.

Hence a need to rethink the information systems we use for sustaining our societies, and the ecosystems on which they depend.

The p2p approach documented through the p2pfoundation's activities enable a in depth understanding of mechanisms and a variety of emerging alternatives with more symmetric, distributed properties.

One of the needs I see to enable the further development of symmetry, is a meta language for our engagements, enabling choices to contribute into the emergence of economic networks.

Further Context Description

If ... we are in a situation where monopolies are being strengthened, increasing prices,

... and automation leads to reduced need for labour, increased competition between workers, and reduced or stagnating salaries

and if... profits for the rich can not be supported by consumption as the population does not have enough jobs or access to enough money to consume,

and shifts its profits onto speculative markets...

and if such speculative markets can not be backed by anything real in the economy anymore, creating bubbles... and if the fiat currency is not in itself supported by economic activity, resting solely on speculation...

further leading to an inflation of the price of basic resources which reduces the capacity to consume... and reducing demand and desirability of the currencies used to enable exchanges or investments...

If... citizens can not rely on further reducing costs through reduced prices for commodities in the face of stagnating or vanishing wages, or if they are limited by not being able to strip down their consumption further in the risk of dying from hunger or not being able to have shelter, or if they accumulated so much debt they can not afford paying back the debt and surviving...

and if the debt these consumers accumulated has been used as guarantee to further speculate and make profits...

... if... no other source of supply which could be more autonomous from the context mentioned here above can be created for satisfying the basic needs and attempting to stabilize or maintain quality of life or survival

then there is a problem...

this despite our absolutely tremendous capacity and potential for production and problem solving...

hence, I focus on how we can survive in a demonetized economy...

if we use our technologies and information systems to enable production and supply systems / ressource allocation systems without the need for mainstream currency,

the money of the rich becomes worthless...


My proposal ( perhaps it overlaps with some of yours ? ) is to create and use tools that enable emergent contextualizations. Such contextualizations enabling users to choose the intentions to support, and route around what they do not want to support. In effect, facilitating the creation of viable alternatives, creating economic intentional networks, using the metadata preferred for by each user while enabling an emergent build up of awareness via the information system, of the potential externalities of any inter dependencies, and by doing so in effect boycotting realities we do not wish to support out of existence. - But yes, the risk indeed is that a minority owns much of the land, and that such minority automates much of the production, and uses some of this productivity to buy off a small percentage of the workers needed to maintain such system, including coercive forces. That by doing so, that they could maintain themselves by excluding most of the population, reinforcing asymmetry. Yes, perhaps this is what is happening already. If we can use access to knowledge and technology to facilitate the emergence of alternative information systems aiming at symmetry / distributed approaches, I believe we can go to the lands which are the least expensive or the less desired by forces of asymmetry, make them productive again, and spread technologies enabling localised intentional economics. And do so by opening up information systems that can include all existing information systems, but be more complex in their potential, including a variety of metadata...


my impression is that a lot of people are tired of the current society of the spectacle, of hypocrisy, of ego, of exploitation... Enabling intentional information systems can facilitate the emergence of festivalist lifestyles, where emancipation is possible through chosen interdependencies and context creation , ...

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