Ecological Production in a Post-Growth Society

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= ECOPRO (Ecological Production in a Post-Growth Society) is an ongoing transitional project that started in 2015". [1]



"With this project, we aim to structurally nourish the discussion on a post-growth society by exploring different pathways for development, which can contribute to a profound transition towards social-ecological production. This year’s edition focuses on new forms of freedom and security en-route to a green transformation within a changing socio-ecological and geo-economic framework.

This year’s edition of the transnational project will be organised with the support of Oikos (Flanders, Belgium), Institute for Political Ecology (Croatia), Grüne Bildungswerkstatt (Austria), Green House Think Tank (United Kingdom), Green Foundation Ireland, Green Institute (Greece) as well as Ökopolisz (Hungary).

The focus for 2017 project activities will aim to address questions on how to adapt the economy, the labour market and the welfare state to this changing environment, while striving for ecological alternatives that allow a good life for all. Following the development of the framing paper, “Freedom and security in uncertain times – embedding the 4th Industrial Revolution”, an international congress will be organised in the second half of the year. Additionally, the project partners will organise debates in their respective countries to feed into the debate on new forms of freedom and security." (