Ecological Capacity Ecosystem

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= "ECE is intended to be a design, capacity creation and navigation commons that makes available to both social enterprises and those that wish to find an alternative to mechanistic models, frameworks and viable components that can through their assemblage, initiate and then propagate ecological capacity". [1]

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Mike McAllum:

"The purpose of the ECE is to democratise knowledge and capacity about viable alternative organisation form to the dominant mechanistic model, in a way where commons based engines such as Ethereum are available to all – rather than captured by dominant interests.

From a resource perspective it requires the design of both an initial framework and some initial suggested capacities that can then be situated in a commons based framework. In its governance it should be relational in its modelling and there may be a few critical alliances that would assist in its positioning in a networking world (P2P foundation, Enspiral, others?)

As stewards it will build advocacy for the public and institutional frameworks that allow collaborative enterprise to operate with the same freedoms that private enterprises operate."