Dymaxion Principles

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Timothy Wilken:

"Nature always forms whole systems using win-win relationships. This results in the sum of the whole system being much more than the sum of the parts making up the system.

Nature was always seeking more for less — always seeking maximum efficiency in all that she did. Fuller called the principle of seeking more for less the "dymaxion" way. This is of course simply another way of stating the Principle of Least Action.

The most dymaxion principles always occur within wholes. Wholes — made up of parts having win-win relationships with each other. It is the win-win relationship that produces a profit for all of the parts. This is why the sum of the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Edward Haskell's term for this more is the cooperator's reward." (http://www.synearth.net/Restricted-Confidential/OT.pdf)