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= p2p variation on Carsharing, i.e. rent out your own car



"Drive My Car Rentals -- based in Australia. Launched in December 2008, was the first operator to successfully commercialise the peer to peer car rental concept. DriveMyCar Rentals connects Car owner with Drivers seeking to rent a car. Car owners pay a $25 AUS ($15 US) annual fee to list their vehicle. Drivers can search and book these vehicles online, with the site arranging the rental agreement, insurance & payments. In 2010 the service introduced a hybrid insurance product that enables a private car to have full insurance cover whilst rented. The DriveMyCar insurance product automatically covers an Owner's vehicle when rented, costing Drivers $10 per day. The company also offers private fleet management, 24/7 roadside assistance and has an online cost claim and resolution management portal. In late 2010, the company expanded its service from short term car rental to include short term car leasing (1-12 mths) and entered the insurance replacement vehicle market. As of November 2010, DMCR offers its customers over 36 different car brands and has a total accessible fleet of over 5,000 vehicles nationwide, ranging from budget to luxury. The company intends to expand its service into Europe and the U.S. in 2011."

More Information

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