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"Digital Europe is an informal group of citizens concerned with liberty who want to gather the opinions of candidates in European elections on fundamental questions of individual liberties in the digital age.

Anyone may participate by sending the questionnaire to his candidates and by contacting them to get a response quickly. All the French responses will be published and analysed several days before the vote. Contact us so we can link to the website where you will publish the responses for candidates in your Member State." (

More Information

contact @ // Julien Rabier +33 6 26 69 13 93

Policy Initiative

Jeremy Rifkin:

" The European Union is embarking on a bold new course between 2015 and 2020 to create a high-tech 21st Century integrated single market that can unite its 500 million citizens and 28 member states, making Europe potentially the most productive commercial space in the world. The plan is called Digital Europe. The digitalization of Europe involves much more than providing universal broadband, free Wi-Fi, and a flow of Big Data. The digital economy will revolutionize every commercial sector, disrupt the workings of virtually every industry, bring with it unprecedented new economic opportunities, put millions of people back to work, and create a more sustainable low-carbon society to mitigate climate change.

To grasp the enormity of the economic change taking place, we need to understand the technological forces that have given rise to new economic systems throughout history. Every great economic paradigm requires three elements, each of which interacts with the other to enable the system to operate as a whole: new communication technologies to more efficiently manage economic activity; new sources of energy to more efficiently power economic activity; and new modes of transportation to more efficiently move economic activity. " (