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Diego ([email protected]) holds a Master’s degree in Computing and Systems Engineering from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), where he worked until 2007 as researcher and advisor at the R&D Laboratory on Educational Informatics (LIDIE). Until April 2008, he was Project Manager for the National Program on Media and ICT Use in Higher Education at the Colombian Ministry of Education. Back in 2007, he leaded a nation-wide learning objects initiative, which included the use of CC licenses for the resources included in the project repositories.

Currently, he does consulting work on innovation in education with the use of technology for several Latin American organizations, and experiments with the offering of open online courses, based on open educational resources and open teaching practices. Diego lives in Rio de Janeiro and writes (http://www.diegoleal.org/blog) about the impact of new media on learning and society.

Country: Colombia (living in Rio de Janeiro at the time)

A couple of documents (English) about the work I do. I'd say my role is more oriented to the design of learning experiences that make visible educational commons and their possibilities.


- EduCamp Colombia: Social networked learning for teacher training (http://bit.ly/9yJJZu) - Open online courses in Colombia: Report of an educational and technological experiment (http://bit.ly/cVcO3Y)

My blog includes additional info on the work I do (Spanish): http://diegoleal.org/blog