David Sifry on Technorati

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Podcast 1

Episode 29 of the Podleader series has an interview with David Sifry, founder of Technorati.

URL = http://www.podleaders.com/david-sifry-podcast/

Podcast 2

Interview with Nicole Simon

URL = http://bloxpert.com/Interview-with-David-Sifry-(Technorati)-35

Main Points

  1. What started Technorati?
  2. it is all about tracking people talking about you
  3. library methaphore vs. the internet as a (conversation) stream
  4. how tagging came to Technorati and why it is so much easier and powerful than knowledge management
  5. structured blogging and how standards make all our lives easier
  6. who are Technorati's customers?
  7. his vision for Technorati: the participant economy
  8. how can customers help Technorati
  9. core values at Technorati and the mantra: be of service


10 questions asked by Guy Kawasaki, on what works and what doesn't work to get high ratings for your blog.

URL = http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/07/ten_questions_w.html