Dave Boyle on Co-operative and Democratic Business Organisations

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Podcast via http://www.nancywmendoza.co.uk/content/alternate-g8/dave-boyle


"Dave Boyle is a cooperative business consultant who works with those seeking to make co-operative, democratic business organisations. Dave asked a question which should gave us all pause – why is there so little democracy in our lives?

While some argue that our parliamentary system is democratic – our workplaces, our schools, our hospitals, and our common resources such as water and energy are not. Our lives are largely lived in autocratic institutions that we have little or no say over. Dave argues, is we were doing democracy everywhere we looked, then we would have stronger democracy as we could compare our democracies. If people were more used to flexing our democratic muscles closer to home, we would have a stronger democracy at the top.

Dave gave examples of where cooperative business models are paving the way to a more democratic world. A real eye opener, and immensely practical." (http://scriptonitedaily.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/the-alternate-g8-inspirational-practical-ways-to-transform-our-world/)