Data Dividends

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Contextual Quote

Berggruen Institute:

"The critical insight motivating our plan is that the economic value of data primarily comes from the data aggregation generated by large groups, rather than from any one individual. The rapidly emerging new generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies do not focus on analyzing one person’s individual data. Rather, AI “learns” from aggregated data sets and generates value by applying these insights back to individuals. Thus, to design a data dividend, we must think in terms of “our data”, not “my data.” The same aggregation effect is true for data brokers and other benefactors of the data-driven economy that have already created profitable markets in personal information. Thus, the best way to mitigate the harms of this economy – such as increased inequality, lack of access to opportunities, and the rise of powerful platform monopolies – is to treat data as a collective resource that must be managed through proper institutions rather than an as individual asset." (