Dagmar Scholle

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= From 1999 to 2002, I dedicated myself to the study of the general commons from a scientific point of view,

see http://www.buchweltshop.de/bfn/oekolo/oekoanz.jsp?id=270


"Geographer who works as a broadcast freelancer <see www.zeileeins.de>, but with a strong background in co-operative grazing systems. As a broadcast freelancer, I reviewed the book of Silke Helfrich who brought me in contact with the conference. Presently, I work on a half-hour-feature about "new allmende systems". On the conference, I hope to collect a lot of interesting input (acustic impressions / interviews etc.) for this task!

From 1999 to 2003, my task was to coordinate a research project on "Allmende"-grazing systems. The idea was to support and optimise pasturing systems which are both ecologically and economically more efficient than mowing for conservation purposes. Remnants of those systems ("Allmende") still exist in some parts of southern Germany."