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Simone Cicero:

"At this moment in time and history, we can’t just anymore let our techno-organizing unfold, failing to develop a profound relationship with it. If we continue to do so, everything will be transformed into an object: the natural world, other humans, with unbearable consequences not only for our habitat but also — now that we see — for our conscious self and purpose.

It’s therefore truly needed for us as humans to develop a new relationship with technology — and through it, inevitably with our organizing. Eventually, through our organizations, we’ll need to find a connection with the cosmos — something that Yuk Hui calls cosmotechnics:

- Technology is not anthropologically universal; it is enabled and constrained by particular cosmologies, which go beyond mere functionality or utility. Therefore, there is no one single technology, but rather multiple cosmotechnics.

Cosmotechnics encompasses our organizing, as organizing and technology are no more separable (they really never were). This, I believe, is our moment. A moment to become fully aware of our potential and — at the same time — to de-exceptionalize both the human and the techno-organizing. It’s the moment to acknowledge and frame our relationship with techno-organizing as part of a process of re-embedding ourselves in the landscape and in the community as bridges to the cosmos.

It’s the moment to look at our organizing beyond any simplistic, mechanistic, and Cartesian episteme and to develop such a relationship with our organizing that makes us able to see, through it, the beauty of the universe and — just as a part of it — of all humans. Our organizing needs to become and act of co-existence. It’s time for a new cosmo-techno-organizing movement." (