Cooperative Wealth Building

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By Sam Rose:

Cooperative Wealth Building In Networked Economies

Networked economies often lack people who play the role of "boundary spanner": a person, or group of persons, doing the difficult work of connecting the established hierarchically-organized economies with the emerging networked economies. The boundary spanner role can potentially open up huge amounts of the world to rapid growth, that can be based on knowledge commons, and sustainability-oriented industries, products, services, etc.

A replacement for "venture capitalist" is emerging now. This new type of "venture capitalist" will really be a boundary spanner and a wealth bulding facilitator, who will acknowledge the forces that are accumulating in the world such as:

"the growth of world population, of greenhouse gas concentrations and the accelerating rate of climate change, the running down of oil and natural gas reserves, growing shortages of fresh water for agriculture, industry and domestic use, or the increasing difficulty in controlling epidemic diseases -we are facing a mounting global crisis that will peak in less than a generation, around the year 2030"

Projections, and Plausible Scenarios About the Evolution Of Cooperative Wealth Buidling Facilitators

Cooperative Wealth building facilitators will seek to build different types of wealth in cooperative ways, and will work towards positive externalities. These positive externalities will be viewable, and measurable. Cooperative Wealth building facilitators will work with Commons-based Free/Open Knowledge, and will create and orchestrate international process networks to carry out their development. Their opportunities are, and will be in reversing the problems listed above,and in helping the rest of the world advance and develop in sustainable ways.

The Compression of Value Into Price

Not all types of value can be reduced to a "price". "Price" can somtimes compress the value people are working with, and obscure it. Humans as a species are beginning to discover that different types of value require different complimentary economies.

The Role of LETS

LETS currencies afford a way for participants to represent the flow of potentially any type of value through the system. LETS needs a way to represent the nature of the activity that is happening (sharing, hoarding, giving, trading, buying, selling, etc).