Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis

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"The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) is a collaborative undertaking among organizations in the commercial, government, and research sectors aimed at promoting greater cooperation in the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure. CAIDA provides a neutral framework to support cooperative technical endeavors.


  • Encourage the creation of Internet traffic metrics (in collaboration with IETF/IPPM and other organizations); and work with industry, consumer, regulatory, and other representatives to assure their utility and universal acceptance.
  • Create a collaborative research and analytic environment in which various forms of traffic data can be acquired, analyzed, and (as appropriate) shared.
  • Foster the development of advanced methodologies and techniques for: traffic performance and flow characterization, simulation, analysis, and visualization. Specific areas of future impact include real-time routing instability diagnosis and evolution for next generation measurement and routing protocols (multicast and unicast)."