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“Their common point is the search for what we call a Convivialism, i.e. for an art of living together (con-vivere) that would allow humans to take care of each other and of Nature, without denying the legitimacy of conflict, yet by using it as a dynamizing and creativity-sparking force, a means to ward off violence and killing. To achieve this, we now need to prioritize the definition of a shared “doctrinal” minimum that can fuel, sustain and legitimize an array of simultaneous answers applicable across the globe.

This basis should address at least four (plus one) basic questions:

- The moral question: what can individual hope for and what should they forbid themselves from doing?

- The political question: what are the legitimate political communities?

- The ecological question: what can we take from nature and what should we give back?

- The economic question: how much material wealth are we allowed to produce, while remaining within the boundaries framed by the answers provided on the moral, political and ecological planes?”


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Abriged version of the convivialist manifest,