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Dennis Scholl:

"Community Supported Art, or C.S.A., is a way to connect artists with their communities and with new collectors. It’s based on the Farm Share model, where people pay a certain amount each week to receive a bushel of fresh produce from local farmers. With C.S.A., though, instead of getting a bushel of corn or zucchini, you get a basket of works made by local artists." (


Dennis Scholl:

"Laura Zabel at St. Paul’s Springboard for the Arts launched the program, which has spread to more than 40 cities across the country with the help of a C.S.A. toolkit Knight funded.

As journalist Randy Kennedy writes: “The C.S.A.’s have flourished in larger cities as a kind of organic alternative to the dominance of the commercial gallery system and in smaller places as a way to make up for the dearth of galleries, as a means of helping emerging artists and attracting people who are interested in art but feel they have neither the means nor the connections to collect it.”

Along the way, C.S.A. has helped create a bond between artists and new collectors that has resulted in commissions and generated 50 engaged relationships for each artist who participates in the program." (


  • CSA+D Brooklyn, "New York's First Community Supported Art + Design Subscription Service",

"Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design follows the model of Community Supported Agriculture, in which shareholders invest in a farm and receive a monthly share of fruits and vegetables. Through a jury selection and then a public voting process, artists and designers are chosen to create 50 pieces for the CSA+D. Full and half shares then become available, and shareholders pick-up their new collections at one pick-up event scheduled in the Fall. The Brooklyn CSA+D makes contemporary art and design accessible by connecting emerging artists and designers to the community, and in return that community provides significant support for their work." (

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