Community Energy Strategy

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* Report: Community Energy Strategy. UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, 2014


"The DECC ... found at least 5,000 community energy groups active in the UK since 2008." [1]


"This is the first ever Community Energy Strategy published by a UK government. It sets out the role that communities can play in helping to meet the UK’s energy and climate change challenges, including supporting a sustainable and secure energy system; reducing UK greenhouse gas emissions; and lowering consumer bills.

Community energy covers many different types of community getting involved in different ways to help meet the UK’s energy challenges. The Community Energy Strategy sets out how communities are already coming together to generate electricity and heat, reduce energy use, save money on the energy they buy, and balance supply and demand.

The document brings together existing policies and initiatives with new actions to provide a coherent package of support across the spectrum of community energy. It is accompanied by a short summary document and a letter from the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and the Local Government Association to local authority Leaders in England."

More Information

  • An update to the strategy was published in March 2015. [2]