Communal Trust

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= to be contrasted by institutional Trust, i.e. trust generated by the institutions we belong to and validate us


"The communal model of trust begins with individual internal trust. People who trust themselves tend to be good global citizens. Collective global governance, in turn, reduces incentives to game a system. This, in turn reinforces the ability to trust the system. The collective trust of people in the system provides a positive self-reinforcing feedback loop. This sort of feedback can both redirect unintentionally inappropriate behavior and expose those who willingly game the system at the cost of the collective.

The individuals’ ability to trust the collective has lead to some pretty spectacular developments made possible by social media and new financial models in which the cost of sharing is sublimated by the benefits of learning. Wikipedia, Mozilla Firefox, Couch Surfers and a recent software development contest for open government sponsored by the City of Washington DC are all examples of real value being created through a new organizational model that looks much more communal than hierarchical trust." (