Commons as a New Democratic Paradigm in Global Governance

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= research project at the University of Leuven in Belgium


Samuel COGOLATI about the work on the commons at the University of Leuven:

"We are in fact an interdisciplinary team of 5 PhD researchers (from political theory, international law, and economics) working on the commons as a new democratic paradigm in global governance. We organized in 2016 an international conference at the University of Leuven with Pierre Dardot and many other scholars on the repercussions of the commons for democracy on the global scene. In 2017, we held a lecture series at our Centre with, among others, Tine De Moor and Ugo Mattei." (email February 2017)

More information

  • upcoming collective book on ‘Commons and a New Global Governance’ with contributions by, among other, Pierre Dardot, Ugo Mattei, and Olivier De Schutter. It will be published by Edward Elgar in 2018.