Commons Creation Project

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UK-based organizations that aims to create a concrete commons for land, money and media.



"Commons Creation is all about harnessing the wealth and power of our networks and working together to raising funds and awareness for world changing land, money and media projects.

It is also a world changing land, money and media project in its own right.

We will initially bring together conscious event organisers, radial media publishers, and their supporters, to collaborate on two complementary projects:

1. The Commons Creation Fund

Lots of people contributing a minimum of £5 a month into a common fund and deciding together how to best to invest it in shared infrastructure.

Purpose: to create a commons; a pool of collectively owned/ shared resources (thereby building the foundations for a scaleable community banking and exchange system).

2. The Commons Creation Flyer

A regular A3 (folded to A6) flyer, distributed by members, that encourages people to become a member of the collective (i.e. contribute £5 a month, help distribute flyer, promote the collective), give details of all the events organised by members, and links to news and issues they deem important.

Purpose: to ensure the success of the Commons Creation Fund, and to inform as many people as possible about all events organised by members, and all the news/issues they deem important." (