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By Lykle:

"The Commonist* Manifesto: Used by all, owned by none

  • If you think the play on words (Commonism v. Communism) is just a funny joke, you are mistaken. Communism, as practiced by countries like the USSR, turned into a spectacular example of extraction and rent-seeking to the detriment of millions of civilians and nature as well."



By Lykle [1]:

"The Commons: The Commons is where human civilisation, the earth and technology are balanced into a mutually beneficial ecosystem for all. It is where Humans, Gaia and Technium find a balance that supports the flow of value in all forms, for the benefit of all.

All participants are recognized and represented

Be they human, machine or nature, all participants in a system are recognized. No matter if they decide to add their energy, or are mined for their resources, they shall be seen and compensated or replenished.

Net systems balance

No matter the granular value flows, the net system shall be balanced. All participants are motivated to maintain the system’s balance. Any participant trying to extract from the system shall be corrected until the system is once again balanced.

Flow instead of extraction

Any value that is created in any system, whatever its form, shall not be extracted and become still. It shall flow and empower new value to be created.

Value creation instead of rent-seeking

Created value can be owned by a participant, but not hoarded. When owned, it will give the owner leverage to grow and create new value.

Skin in the game

If you have no skin in the game regarding the value that is created in a system, you have no entitlement to any of that value, unless a participant in the systems gifts it to you

Voice and exit

All participants have voice and exit at their disposal to support any system. Any participant that has no voice, shall be properly, honestly and effectively represented and honored.

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After writing this, i looked up commonistmanifesto as a url. The .com has been registered in 2016 bij John Capano, Ad Executive. From a brief Google search, I could not discover any similarities with what I have written above.


A license? Yeah, just to make sure no third party takes this content and runs away with, contrary to the Commonist ways. It’s CC-BY-SA-4.0 International, by the way."