Commoning Practice

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* Course: DN7019 - Commoning Practice (2020/21) ; London Metropolitan University ; School of Architecture and Design



"This module is practice-based and vocational as well as creative and innovative in developing new forms of practice. It will enable students to either develop a fully operational practice initiative within the discourse of commons or develop an imaginary one using real practice models. The module has components in form of lectures and seminars and one to one design tutorials where the concepts and ideas of the practice are formed. Within tutorials students discuss the role of partnerships, collaboration and co-production and their relationship to supporting institutions. Students will be encouraged to publicly present their practice in real-life scenarios. The course will already have key institutional partners which may not be obviously commons but will act as support to the development of the students’ ‘Commons’ practices/ initiatives.

The module aims to give students the power to imagine or create a practice within which to initiate their own commons projects, developing appropriate practice models based on the country and context in which they will be located. Students will devise appropriate practice policies related to equality, ethics and inclusivity and learn fund-raising skills. Students will gain a critical understanding of the role and position of their practice within the field of commons and as part of a larger global network. They will develop skills for co-operative and collaborative working and designing which sit within the commons discourse; and develop models to assess impact via monitoring and evaluation methods."


1- fundraising preliminary; LO1,LO4

2- fundraising advanced; LO1,LO4

3- impact analysis for commons projects; LO1,LO8

4- peer-to-peer knowledge sharing of case study practices; LO1,LO4

5- ethics in collaborative practices; LO1,LO2

6- legal models of practice and governance; LO1,LO3

7- peer-to-peer financial models. LO4,LO6