Claudia Bernardi on Edu-Factory

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"In this interview Claudia Bernardi speaks of the EduFactory initiative ("conflicts and transformations of the university"), a global network that organizes militant activists and researchers in (higher) education, using specific theoretical frameworks. The initiative was founded 2006 in Southern Europe. "As once was the factory, so now is the university. We start with this plain and apparently unproblematic statement, not to affirm but to interrogate it. We want to radically rethink this assertion by means of both theory and politics." Edufactory runs a list, website and online journal. Claudia Bernardi also tells about her involvement in the Italian struggles against the privatization of universities."

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Read the blogpost of the final presentation of Edu-Factory here:​wintercamp/​2009/​ 03/​08/​final-day-presentation-edu-factory/​

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