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P2P And Mesh Networks

From P2P Mesh Networks => Most mesh networks involve individual users making a choice to share networking resources. In an urban situation a participant in a mesh network can add a device to their in home network connection that offers free access to the mesh network and simultaneously extends the network. Not all participants choose to participate in both ways. Users of the network sign on to one of these nodes.

The Guifi project has published the P2P Protocol for their network at This is the agreement that forms the network of participants. This protocol agreements outlines expectations for the participant with regard to the expectations of other participants in the network as well as for the users of the network, a group which does not always include the participants. Specifically, the agreement outlines expectations in the areas of Quality of Service, Privacy, Priority for Traffic, and Liability. These are good areas of emphasis for any peer to peer network agreement.


Existing Projects

Compiled by Sepp Hasslberger:

  1., Catalonia, Spain
  2. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3., Athens, Greece
  4., Rome, Italy

Planned Projects

  1. in Italy: Spiderweb at