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Book: The Citizen’s Stake: Exploring the Future of Universal Asset Policies. The Policy Press, 2006


From the publisher:

"Can and should asset-based policies such as universal capital grants become a new pillar of the welfare state? Can they form the basis for a more egalitarian form of market economy? The citizen's stake throws open the debate by bringing together the ideas of leading thinkers in academia and policy to explore the future scope of asset-based policies in Britain.

The book examines asset-based welfare in connection with a wide range of issues, from tax policy to childcare, and includes the results of two innovative studies of public opinion on capital grants and inheritance tax. It is the first time that public opinion work has been integrated with theory into a serious and cohesive consideration of practical options for the future of asset-based welfare.


David Bollier:

"The Citizen’s Stake seeks to extend the principle of building universal assets by exploring how it might be applied in diverse areas. Besides discussing inheritance tax reform, the book looks at proposals for land tax reform and “caretaker resource accounts” to help parents who need help. It also looks at new ideas for accruing and “spending” “time assets” so that employees could “buy” periods of leave and easily integrate their work and personal interests. The underlying belief, in each instance, is that broader access to universal assets should be promoted as a natural right and an instrument of freedom, social welfare and equality of opportunity." (

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