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Original concept from David Ronfeldt, see Chamber of the Commons: "Purposes might include assessing and lobbying on commons issues, advancing the monitoring of commons matters, congregating interested actors, and shaping a commons sector."

The P2P Foundation is advocating Chambers of the Commons as a way to create a voice for the commons-creating ethical economy. For an example see the Chicago Chamber of Commons.


"The Commons belongs to us all. Some things are sacred and must be preserved for future generations. Among these are: soil, air, water, ancestral seeds. The Chamber of Commons is currently grounding itself in local food security issues to promote self-sufficiency and sustainability throughout the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Our work in support of a grassroots initiative to restrict the cultivation of Genetically Modified (GMO) crops now involves a large working group devoted to education and political action.

We are set to launch a web-based trade & exchange hub to serve a vibrant, cooperative local economy.

Chamber of Commons is a 501(c)6 public advocacy organization dedicated to positive social change, environmental stewardship and economic justice. We welcome your involvement and support." (

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