Central do Cerrado

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= It’s a pro benefit initiative consisting of 35 communitarian organisations that develop productive activities through the sustainable use of the Cerrado biodiversity.

URL = http://www.centraldocerrado.org.br/


"The Central do Cerrado is a joint pro benefit initiative of about 35 communitarian organisations in 7 Brazilian states (MA, TO, PA, MG, MS, MT e GO). It promotes (local, national and international scale) communitarian products of the Cerrado region that were produced within the logic of sustainable use. It also works as a dissemination centre for information, exchange and technical assistance in order to help the communities to improve their production chains, organisation and administration.

The Central do Cerrado follows the logic and principals of solidarity economy and its main purpose is to enhance social inclusion though the strengthening of communitarian production that combines the respectful conservation of the Cerrado region with local social and economic empowerment. Recently they launched an online shop but they also work together with consumer groups, which promote the solidarity economy. On the official website you will find any kinds of information related to the production chains, the 35 communities that Central do Cerrado consists of, regional recipes and the Cerrado Bioma."