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= "Incite Focus"



"Incite Focus is a world-recognized, state-of-the-art production and training lab focused on the relationships between digital fabrication, permaculture, experiential learning, and appropriate technology. It is a key fabrication lab to combine these four areas of interest, which provides a holistic approach to sustainable community building. Incite Focus serves a community of thinkers and doers from students as young as 14 years of age, to young adults, to the neighborhood community group. It is a collaborative learning space where concepts and ideas are realized through technologies that give its users the capacity to create personal, household, community, commercial and industrial products using best-practices."


"Current project works include:

  • Program management for a 640-Acre highly reliant community in South Carolina based around a center for community production and structured to allow 40 families to support themselves in high quality lifestyles. Program is in design stage, land is secured and initial participants are training in Detroit.
  • Partner in implementation of a network of community production sites in South Africa incorporating Digital Fabrication, Permaculture and business incubation. Targeted to achieve community based SME development promoting wealth creation within the townships and the growth of human resourcefulness in the residents.