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"In this short volume, available as a DRM-free ebook, the established First Amendment scholar and longtime digital rights advocate Marvin Ammori takes on the question of why everybody should care about keeping the Internet free. Along the way, he explains how online battles like the SOPA protests have helped shape our understanding—and the reality—of our online rights." [2]

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"The whole "rights discourse" presupposes an external authority (government, courts) to enforce those rights, which essentially "creates the "liberal space" of "freedom" and "rights" -- but is silent on the terms of community members' engagement with each other and shared ideals. Hence the "freedoms" of the liberal/modernist/market state but also the anomie and isolation: there is no juridical language for recognizing or supporting the commons. But worse, the state doesn't even uphold putative rights in an even-handed, reliable way."

- David Bollier (email, August 2014)

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