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What comes after capitalism, and how do we get there ?

New section inspired by Paul Mason's book on PostCapitalism

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Yves Citton on the Three Aspects of Post-Capitalist Strategies

"First, post-capitalism will not have to be invented from scratch out of nothing. There are already practices, solidarities, post-capitalist relations that have been set up both locally (AMAP - Association for the Maintenance of Peasant Farming -, ZAD, neighborhood associations) and globally (sensitivities and legislations).

Second, post-capitalism is not about breaking up a system that has passed into a future system. The story to be considered is one of a superposition of strata, rather than as a succession of states. Capitalism will remain present as a stratum on which another stratum will unfold, some lineaments of which have already been in place for decades or centuries.

Finally, it is perhaps in the most "advanced" developments of capitalism that one has to find the keys to what will be built on it, and partly against it." (translated from [1])

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