Caroline Woolard , Jessica Gordon Nembard and Other Voices of the Solidarity Economy

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"In this episode we explore a phenomenon that has existed throughout centuries both within and alongside Capitalism. Wherever relationships have been based on reciprocity, sustainability, and democratic governance you'll find the Solidarity Economy. We learn of it's origin and about how it is strengthened by countermovements and during times of crisis. We follow its presence throughout the history of a particular marginalized community in the U.S., celebrating the courage of African American cooperative thought and practice. We then paint a picture of a modern solidarity response to economic austerity. And finally, we dream about it's potential in the face of ecological peril and plan for what it will take to grow the Solidarity Economy to serve as a movement of movements.

Featuring: ​

  • Michael Ventura - Co-author with James Hillman of We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy – And the World's Getting Worse, columnist of Letters at 3AM with the Austin Chronicle
  • Caroline Woolard - Artist & organizer whose work explores intersections between art and the solidarity economy
  • Michael Lewis - Soildarity economy researcher; Co-author of The Resilience Imperative
  • Pat Conaty - Research associate Cooperatives UK, Co-author of The Resilience Imperative
  • Jessica Gordon Nembard - Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development, author of Collective Courage: A history of African-American Cooperative Economic Thought & Practice
  • Biba Schoenmaker - Co-Founder of Broodfonds Makers
  • Stuart Field - Founder of Breadfunds UK
  • Jos Veldhuizen - Member of Broodfunds, Amsterdam ."