Carbon Offset Markets

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G. Landua et al. :

"Current ecosystem service markets such as carbon offset markets (voluntary and compliance), are deeply flawed. We feel strongly that the foundation upon which ecosystem service markets—as well as non-market agreements between stakeholders to govern ecological commons in a sustainable, and if possible, regenerative way—will depend on in infrastructure of trust that we refer to as an ecological knowledge commons.

The layers of technology that generate security, durability and integrity around data, compute functions and algorithms are the foundation for a trusted monitoring and verification system of ecological state. This trusted monitoring and verification system in turn is the foundation of any agreement between parties about ecological state. Agreements about ecological state are the foundation for the inclusion of ecological health into our financial system—an important aim of Regen Network.

Currently, ecological health is not held on the balance sheet of any entity, private or governmental. This means that financial decisions are blind to their ecological impacts." (