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"Car-sharing is a way to access urban transportation without sacrificing the flexibility of a personal vehicle. But car-sharing services simply spread the consequences of dirty, anti-social cars between more people, so the relative cost and waste are reduced.

James Brooks and Richard Bone decided that what the car-sharing industry really needed was a personal car designed specifically for inner-city shared use. And so they designed one.

The Box is a quadracycle powered by a small, flat battery with a 25-mile range and a top speed of 35 mph. The four-passenger Box is similar in size to the Smart Fortwo and is specifically envisioned as a car-sharing vehicle.

To make the Box more social and easier to share, Brooks and Bone did away with the low, sleek design we've come to expect in modern cars. An aerodynamic shape makes almost no difference when you're crawling along in urban traffic, and all those sexy lines actually reduce the amount of space available for passengers and parcels." (