Blockchain Voting

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= copied from a list maintained by the Democracy Foundation, which has direct access to the links



  1. BlocVoting – A Haskell implementation for voting securely on a satoshi blockchain using liquid democracy.
  2. e-voting – Blockchain based voting system.
  3. e-Vox – Open e-democracy platform.
  4. Follow My Vote – Open source end-to-end verifiable blockchain voting software.
  5. OneVote – A distributed blockchain-based voting system.
  6. Open Vote Network – Anonymous voting on Ethereum without a tally authority.
  7. PLCRVoting – Smart contract for voting on the Ethereum blockchain.
  8. PublicVotes – Publicly verifiable and Ethereum-based voting system.
  9. PublicVoting – Public voting system made trustworthy and verifiable through blockchain.
  10. updn – Reddit-alike where submissions and voting use Bitcoin.
  11. VotoSocial – A secure, decentralized, auditable and open platform for e-voting and vote counting that everybody can trust.
  12. WaveVote – a voting system based on Ethereum.