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= one of the Blockchain-Based E-Voting Systems



B. Holmes:

"Blockchain Technologies Corp (BTC) is another company hoping to replace temperamental voting systems. “America’s voting machine technology – or lack thereof – is a looming crisis,” states the company. BTC claims to conduct “secure, tamper resistant elections by using the blockchain as a high-tech audit trail to ensure voting records are transparently verifiable and all votes are unique.”

Nick Spanos says: “The blockchain enables so many great things that were never before possible. While many people are focused on financial applications, we are bringing the security and transparency it enables into the election process.”

The company have been showcasing their “Blockchain Apparatus” platform by conducting straw polls after GOP Republican debates around the USA. The voting platform creates non-financial distributed ledger records, and can be customized to accommodate different clients and their needs.

“The core of the technology is the use of the decentralized consensus to ensure integrity of information – the data – that current centralized and human-dependent systems cannot provide without the risk of corruption, malfeasance, or error.” (