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"BitCongress is a decentralized, peer to peer, open source voting system built onto the Blockchain in a multitude of ways including Ethereum, MetaCoins, ColoredCoins & a mined crypto currency called Votecoin. This system will utilize the Votecoin as mined vote token that is verified by the miners in the crypto currency 2.0 layers. Anyone with a program can plug into the BitCongress system and use the mined currency to verify votes. These votes can be counted in any way imaginable, giving a customized voting system that uses a standardized yet decentralized peer to peer system to verify the votes. It also will register all voting data on the systems Blockchain as well as give polling data a whole new system to be built upon.

BitCongress is somewhat of a mixture of cryptographic technologies including:

​Bitcoin, BitMessage, BitTorrent, Proof Of Existence, Reddit & Ethereum.

The Mission is a cryptography created legislation toolbox that anyone can use." (


"Within the Ethereum network that tallies & verifies smart contracts is the BitCongress system that labels a Ehtereum Smart Contract a newly formed token, called a VoteCoin, being used as votes, such as YES, NO & NEUTRAL, in a Blockchain register of votes, keeping tally of everything voted on in the public eye.

The next step would be creating Axiomity & VoteCoins onto The Ethereum Network as well as Mastercoin, giving a broader use of a valid voting protocol that anyone can use.

This system helps put in place a validated voting system that anyone can become the vote counter or auditor, in this creating a VoteCoin, a fully transferable cryptocurrency, giving the system a monetary value that will give incentive to miners to verify not only transactions but votes as well. " (