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Cat Johnson:

"A bike kitchen is a place for people to repair their bikes, learn safe cycling, make bicycling more accessible, build community, and support sustainable transportation by getting more people on bikes. Most bike kitchens have tools, parts, mechanics, and a community of knowledgeable cyclists.

Around the world there are thousands of bike kitchens -- also known as bike churches, bike collectives and bike coops -- and more popping up all the time." (


  • Common Cycle [1], in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a pop-up, mobile bike kitchen that makes regular appearances at farmers markets and on campus.
  • FenderBender [2] in Detroit is a “a women, queer, and trans centered bicycle workspace rooted in justice principles.”
  • ColectiVelo [3] in Oakland is a no-cash, bilingual community bike kitchen/collaborative made up of people from diverse backgrounds.

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