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= "Self-managed Cohousing for Seniors" in Paris, France


By Sharon Ede:

"Many countries share the challenge of how to support an aging population. Current models of senior care can be expensive, unsustainable, and unappealing to those living longer active lives. Aging women in particular tend to have limited options, since many do not have financial savings due to having had low-wage jobs or unpaid caring work throughout their lives. The Babayagas House, in eastern Paris, is a self-managed social housing initiative. It was established by a group of older women who wished to maintain their independence by living together in a supportive community. Residents pay an affordable rent for their own small apartments and share the cost of a monthly visit by a health care professional. There are around 21 women aged 66 to 89 living in the six-story house – a third of whom live on the poverty line. Seniors have replicated the Babayagas model in other cities across France and Canada." (

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The case study excerpt is from the book:

  • Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons. Shareable, 2017