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Appeal for Assistance from the Wiki Community

Since January 2006, the team of collaborators of the Foundation for P2P Alternatives, has been working very hard to create a public domain resource that would assist in the interconnection of knowledge and people involved in the open and free movements, the participatory movements, and the Commons-oriented movements. We have done this through the creation of a Wiki Encyclopedia featuring many thousands of entries (500,000 page views so far), a blog, and a email-based newsletter. All this work has been done on a voluntary basis, without income, following the principles of peer production and peer governance.

About six weeks ago, our servers started coming under sustained hacker attack, leading to regular outages that culminated in a server crash which destroyed 3 weeks of data, and several hundreds of pages of content, which had been painstakenly created. We have now moved to a more secure server, but are still encountering some issues. Our staff, which does not come out of the technological community, but from the field of knowledge creation, has some difficulty in solving some technological issues. Hence this appeal: we would like to find people who symphatize with our goals, and can at the same time assist us, for the short or the long term, in solving some of the ongoing problems of our Wiki.

Here is an overview of our resources, and please do contact James Burke with your reactions and offers of support. Email:

The P2P Foundation researches, documents and promotes peer to peer alternatives.

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Michel Bauwens, November 19, 2006

For the P2P Foundation: Samuel Rose, James Burke, Jim Puntasen, Valentin Spirik, Michael Pick, Remi Sussan, Jeff Petry, Paul B. Hartzog, Adam Arvidsson, Natalie Pang, Steve Ediger, Adrian Chan