Anneloes Smitsman and Michel Bauwens on Mental Models for Systems Change

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"one hour webinar on Mental Models for Systems Change with Dr Anneloes Smitsman from the EARTHwise Centre and Michel Bauwens from the P2P Foundation. They will be discussing why and how we need to shift our mental models in addition to innovating our systems for a more sustainable future.

Our guests:

Anneloes Smitsman from EARTHwise Centre just completed her PhD titled ”Into the Heart of Systems Change” which explored building the foundations for shifting from the dualistic worldview of mechanistic systems to one promoting the thrivability of living systems. She proposes that the systemic barriers embedded in our mainstream societal systems should be uncovered and transformed to resolve our sustainability challenges, address our climate crisis, and transition to a new qualitative growth model based on the thrivability principles of living systems.

Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation ( explores Systems Change through a technological, distributed peer-to-peer network perspective which seeks to challenge the current socio-economic and cultural-political order. The P2P Foundation seeks to enable the infrastructure for a new form of “cognitive capitalism” for which the technology already exists but for which the accompanying shared, global mental models are still lagging.

Mikael Seppälä is a partner at Systems Innovation, and he works with helping build the new infrastructures, capabilities and capacities related to shifting societies towards the living systems paradigm from the mechanistic one. Mikael is a neo-generalist who integrates wide, transdisciplinary perspectives from psychology, learning, design, organizations, sociology and technology.

The guests are joined by the webinar host Bowen Feng, Community Manager at Systems Innovation."