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Agorakit is web-based, open source organization tool for citizens collectives and similar projects. By creating collaborative groups, people can discuss topics, organize events, store files and keep everyone updated as needed.

Agorakit is a forum, calendar, file manager, mapping tool and email notifier.

It is being used by several citizen initiative like "Tout autre chose" and "Hart boven Hard" in Belgium and elsewhere.

It is open source (GPL) and in active development. We are currently searching and evaluating various decision making ideas to integrate in the tool.

We are always seeking for help, feedback, and publicity to attract more help.

Development happens on Github

The presentation website is here :

A demo can be tested on


Create groups

  • Create an unlimited amount of groups
  • The group can be open (anyone can join) or private (invite only)
  • The group can have one or more admins
  • Each group has a discussion area, a calendar, a file repository, a member list & map.
  • Only members can use the discussion area, calendar and files
  • Content is public in public groups, and private in private groups (simple security model everyone understands)


  • Create discussion topics
  • Reply to topics with comments
  • Mention others in comments using @name (they get notified)
  • Mention files using f: (autocomplete opens)
  • Mention other discussions using d: (autocomplete opens)


  • Create events
  • List upcoming events as a list or as a dynamic calendar
  • Show geolocalized events on a map
  • Global and per group calendar
  • iCal feed for each calendar
  • RSS
  • Embed elsewhere using iframes


  • Upload & tag several files at once
  • Quick search among files by author, filename and tags
  • Preview images / download
  • re-tag files
  • Mention files in comments


  • Access a list of members (global / per group)
  • Contact others without leaking your/their email (privacy)
  • Check what others are up to (activity feed)
  • Fill your profile with portrait, bio, address (if you want)

Notifications / emails

  • For each group, choose how often you want to be notified (every hour for the hardcore, everyday to keep your mailbox cool, every week or every month)
  • Auto login to your account from "Reply" links inside the notification emails you receive (great time saving)
  • Get instant notifications when someone mentions you (for urgent matters)


  • Get stats on everything
  • Mass invite members using their email
  • Mass add existing members to groups
  • Settings control panel (in progress)


  • Standard Laravel structured application. If you know Laravel, you can work with Agorakit easily
  • Simple structure, no single page app complexities
  • Bootstrap based UI
  • Simple DB schema
  • Simple file storage scheme (per group, per file id)


  • Host it where you want
  • Your data is yours
  • No leakage of emails
  • Geolocalization of users (on a voluntary basis) is randomized by ~100 meters
  • Open source you can study and trust