Administrative State

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Michael Ferguson:

“SCOTUS, last week, severely limited the power of the EPA and, perhaps by extension, all regulatory agencies. Essentially, they decided that the EPA's regulatory authority was limited to specific powers expressly delegated to them by Congress. The hue and din that followed was primarily limited to members of the administrative state and their allies. They understand that this is a threat to their unrestrained power over the populace.

Simply put, EUNA has been infected with an unelected, administrative state that has been empowered to create and enforce volumes of government regulations. They are, in no way, subject to recall nor can they be taken to task by the population that they are regulating. Thee is absolutely nothing democratic about them. Some people call it 'the deep state' and are routinely ridiculed. President Trump called it 'the swamp'. Again, the term is probably more of a public relations ploy, that, though clever is a detriment to the cause. Steven K. Bannon, pushes back on these two terms and refers to it as 'the administrative state'. I, and most careful observers, agree. The term is less partisan and more accurate. While not well illuminated by the press, the administrative state is one of the greatest threats to Western civilization and spectacularly illiberal.”